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Sigiriya: Mount of Remembrance

"Long ago and far away rises Mount Mu, nowhere -- now here!"

01_aerial_view_looking_north_b&w aerial_view_lion's_paws aerial_view_lion's_paws_area
Aerial view of Sigiriya looking north Aerial view of the Lion's Paws area Aerial view of the Lion's Paws area
aerial_view_looking_north aerial_view_showing_top closeup_of_mirror_wall
Aerial view looking north Aerial view showing Sigiriya top Close-up of the Mirror Wall
cobra_head fresco_holding_flowers frescos
The Cobra Head Rock Freisco maiden holding flowers Sigiriya frescos
frescos_in_the_clouds from_west_entrance hand_and_flower_detail
Maidens in the clouds View from the west entrance Fresco: hand and flower detail
maiden_holding_flower_tray pleasure_gardens_looking_down rock_and_pleasure_gardens
Maiden holding flower tray Garden of the Soul: looking down Rock and Garden of the Soul
rock_and_water_tank rock_steps sigiriya_aerial_view
Rock and water tank Rock steps Sigiriya aerial view
sigiriya_aerial_view_north sigiriya_fresco sigiriya_owl_profile
Sigiriya aerial view north Sigiriya fresco Sigiriya: Owl profile
sigiriya_rock sigiriya_with_tank_in_foreground steps&seat
Sigiriya rock Sigiriya with tank in foreground Steps and royal seat
stone_seat the_top top_of_the_rock
Stone asana The summit Top of the rock
two_frescos two_frescos_horizontal two_seldom_seen_frescos
Two frescos Two frescos horizontal Two seldom seen frescos
two_sigiriya_maidens wall_with_frescos woman_with_flowers
Two Sigiriya maidens Wall with frescos Woman with floweers

Sigiriya may not be well known to many Westerners, but fans of the band Duran Duran from London to New York will recognize the location. The band filmed parts of the beautiful video for their song "Save A Prayer" atop Sigiriya. Like other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, too many tourists can cause maintenance and cleaning service issues on the grounds. Protecting important ancient sites like Sigiriya is more much work than a team from Janitorial Cleaning Services New York Inc could ever handle.

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